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The Making Of Sophia: Hardware Engineering for Arms and Hands

Social robots living and working with humans must be able to navigate environments never designed for use by robots. Arms and hands are a vital tool for robots to manipulate common everyday objects, like door handles, pens, keyboards, or switches...

On the Future of Robots and Ethics [Video]

David Hanson, Ph.D., founder of Hanson Robotics at the DLD Conference in Bayreuth, interviewed by Jennifer Schenker on the subject of the Future of Robots and Ethics. At the recent DLD conference in Bayreuth on June...

#AskSophia Top Ten Q&As

If you follow @RealSophiaRobot on Twitter and Facebook, you know we launched an ongoing Q&A series called #AskSophia earlier this year. The idea behind this is to allow our followers to ask top-of-mind questions...

The Making of Sophia:  Frubber®

The Making of Sophia: Frubber®

The new breed of social robots designed to interact with humans and other robots demands that these machines be highly effective communicators. Research has shown that as much as 55% of human-to-human communication is...

Little Sophia Preview Video

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