Hanson Robotics

Humanizing AI

When people encounter our Hanson Robots, like Sophia, they tend to show deep engagement and report a warm, unforgettable emotional connection.Given the positive reaction people have when interacting with Sophia and other Hanson robots, we believe that human-like robots can be the gold standard for human-AI interface design.

Hanson AI Tools

Our Hanson AI suite of general purpose, rapid developer tools, API, and SDK, support both product development and research.  Our tools enable development of the most human-like AI and robotic platforms, permitting our robots to serve many different market needs. Our developer tools facilitate custom-crafted character bot experiences for service industry applications such as customer service, medical therapy, education, training, and many others.

AI Community

We are not alone! The contributions and accomplishments of our staff and collaborators make what we do possible. The Hanson AI team consists of many well-known AI scientists and engineers as well as interactive fiction writers, character designers, both working directly for Hanson Robotics and collaborating in a broad community of partnerships.