Hanson Robotics

Leadership Team

David Hanson has built a worldwide reputation for inventing the world’s most human-like, empathetic, intelligent character robots, inspiring massive media coverage and public acclaim. To accomplish this, Hanson integrated figurative arts with science and engineering, and invented novel skin materials, facial expression mechanisms, and intelligent software to animate the robots in face to face interactions with people. David started as a Walt Disney Imagineer, working as both a sculptor and a technical consultant in robotics. As a researcher, he published dozens of papers in materials science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and robotics journals — including SPIE, IEEE, the International Journal of Cognitive Science, IROS, AAAI, AI magazine and more. He wrote two books including “Humanizing Robots” and received several patents. Read More

Jeanne Lim Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Lim was formerly the Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Sales and Products at Hanson Robotics. She has over 20 years of marketing and product management experience in the technology industry, having served as the Asia Pacific marketing head for Danaher, Dell, Cisco-Tandberg, 3Com, as well as leading corporate marketing for a Silicon Valley-funded internet startup. Also, she was the product and business manager for Apple in Asia Pacific, responsible for launching many of Apple’s ground-breaking products across the region. Lim holds a Ph.D degree in integrated and holistic health from the Energy Medicine University, an MBA degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and a BA degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Ben Goertzel Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

A renowned thought leader in AI and AGI, Dr. Ben Goertzel leads the development of Hanson Robotics’ MindCloud architecture, using the OpenCOG AI platform. Before joining Hanson, Dr. Goertzel has developed trading and sentiment analysis systems for Webmind, Clarium Capital, StockMood, Cerrid Capital, and Chaikin Trading. He received his PhD in Mathematics from Temple University and is an adjunct professor at Xiamen University.

David Chen is a Shanghai-based investor and entrepreneur and sits as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Hanson Robotics. Formerly a Product Manager at Honda Automotive, Chen is the Founder and Director of AngelVest, a private equity fund. Chen is the lead investor instrumental in bringing Dr. Hanson to Hong Kong. Chen received a MBA from Harvard University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Rochester.

Eddie has 13 years of experience in international business and finance management in the US, China, Hong Kong, and Europe. Prior to his engagement with Hanson Robotics, Eddie was the Group Assistant CFO of Thunder Power and the Managing Director of Max Group, devoting himself in the field of international business management of an electric vehicle company headquartered in HK with R&D and production base in Europe and Greater China for over 2 years, and a fully vertically integrated fashion group for over 8 years covering sales distribution channels in both retail and wholesale segments in more than 20 countries respectively. Eddie received a MBA from HKUST and BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He is also a CFA and FRM charter holder.

Doug is a Hong Kong- based investor/entrepreneur and Hanson Robotics’ Chief Strategy Officer. Doug has over 35 years in the technology, media and entertainment space working previously as the CEO of Imagi Animation Studios, Chief Strategy Officer of Mattel Toys, President of Mattel Media, Group Vice President of Sega of America, Founding Director of Harmonix, General Manager of LucasArts Entertainment, and Managing Partner at ProVen Private Equity. Before joining Hanson Robotics, Doug founded an ad agency, a digital production studio, and a media distribution company. He received his BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.