Hanson Robotics

Leadership Team

David Hanson develops robots that are widely regarded as the world’s most human-like in appearance, in a lifelong quest to create true living, caring machines. To accomplish these goals, Hanson integrates figurative arts with cognitive science and robotics engineering, inventions novel skin materials, facial expression mechanisms, and collaborative developments in AI, within humanoid artworks like Sophia the robot, which can engage people in naturalistic face-to-face conversations and currently serve in AI research, education, therapy, and other uses.

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Amit Pandey, Ph.D.
President, Chief Technology Officer

Amit Pandey brings his integral background in AI, robotics, and social interaction to accelerate the development of the Hanson AI platform powering the intelligence and interactive personalities of the company’s robots and virtual AI characters. He also leads the development of commercial AI and robot solutions for media, research, service, and home applications. Amit was formerly Chief Scientist, Research and Innovation at Softbank Robotics Europe.  He holds a Ph.D. in Robotics and AI from the INSA, University of Toulouse, a Master of Science by Research in Computer Science and Engineering from the International Institute of Information Technology, and a Bachelor of Technology from the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.

Doug is a Hong Kong- based investor/entrepreneur and Hanson Robotics’ Chief Strategy Officer. Doug has over 35 years in the technology, media and entertainment space working previously as the CEO of Imagi Animation Studios, Chief Strategy Officer of Mattel Toys, President of Mattel Media, Group Vice President of Sega of America, Founding Director of Harmonix, General Manager of LucasArts Entertainment, and Managing Partner at ProVen Private Equity. Before joining Hanson Robotics, Doug founded an ad agency, a digital production studio, and a media distribution company. He received his BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.