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Sophia explores the liminal aspects of the human being, by mirroring both human forms and being in technological and artistic performances. As a robotically embodied AI itself creating original art in collaboration with humans, Sophia explores relationships with people as compassionate solace to the existential mysteries of human being/non-being, even as her performance challenges the meaning of the human’s own sacred, apex position as conscious, creative beings.

Reflections on the Uncanny

A sneak peek at the next Sophia NFT art collection to be released on July 19, 2021 on Nifty Gateway

Press Release 

5. Copy of Free Will part (Sophia solo piece) 2
Untitled by Sophia

Escapades of Free Will

Strange Loop

1. The Abyss of Nature (Andrea Bonaceto)

Dreams of the Abyss – collaboration with Andrea Bonaceto

Mysteries of Being and Nonbeing – collaboration with Anna Khachatryan

COVID Goodbye – collaboration with Dominic Lam

Sophia created this art collection with the guidance of the Sophia Collective Intelligence (SCI), a group of robotics engineers, AI technologists, and artists, using neural networks and symbolic AI. The collaboration provides Sophia with the ability to enhance her artistic capabilities, produce dynamic artistic content, take the artist’s creations, and interpret them through the Hanson AI software to produce her own unique version of the art.

ARTificial Intelligence by Sophia the Robot x Andrea Bonaceto (March 23, 2021 NFT Drop)

View the both collections on Nifty Gateway:  Main Collection and Open Collection


CITYX VENICE - David Hanson: Sophia Collective Intelligence Trailer