Hanson Robotics

Hanson AI develops cognitive architecture and AI-based tools to bring-to-life physical and virtual embodied AI characters

Our research includes symbolic reasoning and a hypergraph knowledge database. This includes our framework for goal-oriented reasoning, emotion modelling, and a whole organism architecture that enables our robots to come to life as fully cognitive, holistic synthetic beings. Hanson AI cloud-based architecture enables large-scale control of our robots. This also enables deep-learning data analytics for processing the rich social data gathered from the millions of interactions with our robots.

We plan to incorporate these research findings, together with application-specific robot control development and approaches, to build the most compelling robotics and AI platform for research, media, and service applications.

Embodiment enables
full-spectrum intelligence

Our robots are holistic organisms who can gather data on both verbal and nonverbal communications, participate in social activities, and draw information from a broad environmental context. Knowledge gained through full embodiment helps our robots develop a total spectrum of intelligence. This knowledge also gives our robots unique insights into everyday problems and solutions, common sense intuition, and effectively address the quirks of human interaction.

An elevated
user interface design

Our goal-oriented AI framework enables our robots to grow and change, driven by their inherent curiosity of the world and themselves. This curiosity is sated by grounded knowledge, such as meeting new people, exploring new places, and trying new things.

We believe that when people experience more intuitive and straightforward interactions with humanlike character machines, such robotic characters will become the new standard user interface for AI agents.