Hanson Robotics
Creating value with
human-like robots.

For more than two decades,  Hanson Robotics has been building the world’s most human-like robots. Endowed with rich personality and holistic cognitive AI, our robots are able to engage emotionally and deeply with people.  They can maintain eye contact, recognize faces, understand speech, hold natural conversations, and learn and develop through experience.

Our robot faces are created with a patented material called Frubber®, a proprietary nanotech skin that mimics real human musculature and skin. This allows our robots to exhibit high-quality expressions and interactivity, simulating humanlike facial features and expressions.

“On the tree of robotic life, human-like robots play a particularly valuable role. It makes sense. Humans are brilliant, beautiful, compassionate, loveable, and capable of love, so why shouldn’t we aspire to make robots human-like in these ways? Don’t we want robots to have such marvelous capabilities as love, compassion, and genius?”

David Hanson, Ph.D.

CEO, Founder