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Preparation Tech: David Hanson on Art + Human-Like Robots

Originally published by Deborah Carter, Co-Founder at NewTechKids.com on May 12, 2020.

Do you know a kid who is crazy about the giant animated robots at theme parks? Or who is fascinated by cyborgs and human-like robots?

Studying robotics can lead to a career in many areas, including but not limited to animatronics, engineering, design, game design, medicine, and education. Sculpture, animation, cognitive science, material science, computer science, AI, and programming are just some of the fields which intersect with robotics.

David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, is one of the world’s leading experts in social robotics. (Watch Sophia, his most famous robot, sing a duet with Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’. Fastforward to 6:55.)

A self-described dreamer, he studied a combination of arts, science and technology in high school, university, and design school before joining Disney as a sculptor and working with some of the top AI and robotics experts in the world.

His advice to parents, teachers, and school guidance counselors:

  • help kids identify and gain critical skills through extracurricular activities
  • help kids create personalized study paths in school focused on combining the arts, math, science, and technology

Watch the full interview here (30 minutes).

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PreparationTech is a series of online video interviews produced by NewTechKids which feature inspiring technologists and professionals who work with technology.

They share personal stories of how they became engaged with tech from a young age. They also provide insights and advice on how parents, teachers, and school guidance counselors can prepare kids to thrive in a world of rapid and constant technological development.

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