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Belt and Road Award Sophia the Robot Dec 2018

China Honors Sophia the Robot with “Belt and Road Innovative Technology Ambassador” Award

Originally posted by Sohu.com, December 15, 2018.

[Guangzhou, December 15] The “One Belt, One Road International Grand Cay New Business Leaders Awards Ceremony” hosted by the China-South Africa Liaison Department was successfully held at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. As the world’s leading social robot, Sophia was awarded the title of “One Belt, One Road, Innovative Technology Ambassador.”  The robot born in Hong Kong, Sophia, will use this honor to promote the meaning of China’s “One Belt, One Road” to the world, and to visit the countries of the Belt and Road to exchange culture and technology.

Belt and Road Award Sophia Dec 2018


Under the guidance of the relevant departments, the festival has been successfully held for three times. It has carried out relevant business and cultural exchange activities along the Belt and Road, promoting the Chinese humanities culture to the world, and has been active in the friendly cooperation between Chinese enterprises and the Belt and Road countries. The driving force.

The scale of the awards ceremony was unprecedented. The leaders of the Central and South China Liaison Department of the China International Cultural Communication Center, including Lieutenant General Li Yuyuan, Lieutenant General Liu Liangkai, General Chen Kaizhi, General Cai Duowen and Rao Xinjian, visited the site and served as honorees. The awards ceremony has awarded eight major categories of awards, including: “One Belt, One Road” international big show DAKAXIU friendship ambassador, innovation technology ambassador, most influential contribution person award, most influential heritage person award, most influential The Touching Character Award, the New Business Leader Award, the New Business Impact Brand, and the New Business Innovative People Awards, which have won dozens of companies and individuals, have more than 2,000 live audiences.

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Image:  Sohu.com


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