Innovations / Technology

Our robots are created by the alchemy of artistry, engineering, and artificial intelligence nurtured with emotionally rich interactions between human and machine. We accomplish this by uniquely integrating leading-edge innovations in materials, hardware, software, and the art of animation and storytelling.

Our AI software empowers our robots to maintain eye contact, recognize faces, understand speech, hold natural conversations, and simulate human personality, enabling our robots to have meaningful interactions with people and evolve from those interactions. MindCloud™, our cloud-based AI, enables large-scale cloud control of our robots, as well as deep-learning data analytics for processing the rich social data gathered from the millions of interactions with our robots. Our AI software is open source:,, and

Our robot faces are created with a patented material called Frubber (“flesh rubber”), a proprietary nanotech skin that mimics real human musculature and skin. This allows our robots to exhibit high-quality expressions and interactivity, simulating humanlike facial features and expressions.

Artistry is essential to bringing robots to life. Dr. Hanson’s background as a Disney sculptor and filmmaker redefines robots as four-dimensional interactive sculpture. The ability to transmute technology into a living being through artistry enables our robots to come to life and create the sense of a mind within the machine.