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Hanson Robotics Wins 2018 China New Economy Award

Frost & Sullivan Announces Hanson Robotics Limited 2018 Winner of the China New Economy Award

July 26, 2018 — Frost & Sullivan today announced Hanson Robotics Limited (HRL) (http://hansonrobotics.wpengine.com), the Hong Kong-based artificial intelligence and robotics firm, winner of the prestigious 2018 China New Economy Awards.  

HRL develops the world’s most human-like robots, endowed with remarkable expressiveness, aesthetics, and interactivity.

“We honor outstanding enterprises that innovate and make continuous reform and progress,” said Frost & Sullivan global partner and president, Neil Wang. “It is to recognize their outstanding achievements and exemplary conduct in the industry.”

The China New Economy Awards assess outstanding enterprises in terms of growth, innovation, leadership, customer service, strategy and finance in order to recognize outstanding China-based firms.

“We’re honored to be a part of the Hong Kong business community, it’s our home, ” said David Hanson, PhD, the renowned roboticist and sculptor who founded HRL in 2014.  “As an AI hub, China has been the ideal place for us to grow and expand.”

HRL has enjoyed rapid growth since its founding, but the media attention surrounding its latest robot, Sophia, has been nothing short of meteoric. In fact, she has become somewhat of an international cultural icon. This summer, she appeared publicly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor.

In January, Sophia took home gold in the prestigious Edison Awards for technological innovation. And last fall, the United Nations Development Programme named Sophia its first non-human Innovation Champion.

“Sophia is first and foremost a research platform for Hanson Robotics’ ongoing AI and robotics research work,”  points out Hanson, adding that she also inspired the company’s work on a line of social robots he hopes will radically disrupt the media and service robotics market.

There are significant market opportunities for human-like social robots in the media and in such service markets as elderly care, depression counseling, autism therapy, tutoring, sales and customer service.)

In combining such technologies as computer vision, natural language processing, soft robotics and other emerging innovations, HRL aims to bring robots to life as engaging characters in the media and live events,  as useful research platforms and products and, eventually, as true, living AI, working for the greater good.



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Hanson Robotics Limited (HRL) is an AI company dedicated to research, robotics and the creation of the world’s most realistic humanoids. We strive to create robots with intellect, empathy and wisdom, traits future AI technologies and robots will need in order to solve some of humanity’s toughest problems. Led by renowned roboticist, sculptor and former Disney imagineer David Hanson,  HRL recently received the prestigious 2018 Edison Prize for Robotic Innovation. Find us at http://hansonrobotics.wpengine.com and follow us on Twitter @HansonRobotics.


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