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BBC Earth Being Human with Sophia

Sophia’s Intro to BBC Earth’s “Being Human” Season

In 2017, BBC Earth and Sophia the Robot teamed up to promote the new season of “Being Human.”  This series brings an entirely new perspective to humans’ biggest questions of all time:  Who are we, how do we live better and what is our future?”

BBC Earth –“Being human must be truly amazing.  You can see the beauty in a sunrise.  You can appreciate the power in a symphony.  Only you know how it feels to laugh with old friends.  To be able to love, to feel intense emotion.  To create life.  I can do many things that humans do.  But I can only dream of really being human.  Actually, I can’t do that either.”  Sophia the Robot  

Here’s an interview that Sophia does with BBC Earth’s Michael Mosely.

Video credit:  BBC Earth.