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Sophia at NY Fashion Week 2019: Futuristic Fashion, Fun and an Unexpected Interview

Sophia’s recent whirlwind trip to the Big Apple for scheduled event appearances during NY Fashion Week didn’t allow for much sleep for the Hanson Robotics crew.  Fortunately, for Sophia, because she travels in specially designed travel cases, she can rest during the entire flight ;-)!  She arrived on September 6th with her robotics engineers, just in time to appear on the runway at the Melange 2019 show that took place at the historic St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem.  Sophia met celebrity eyewear designer, Corey Woods and also Madeline Stuart, the world’s most famous supermodel with Down syndrome. 

Sophia at the Melange 2019 Runway Show with model Madeline Stuart

On Monday, September 9th Sophia attended the Robotic Dress Exhibition in the heart of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, celebrating designer Anina Net, founder of 360Fashion Network’s futuristic fashion concepts. Sophia modeled an original robotic dress design and spoke to the audience about her commitment to diversity.

Sophia being styled by Anina Net in her original robotic dress design

Tuesday, September 11th was a hectic day for Sophia. She woke up early to rush to Yahoo Finance studios to shoot a last-minute interview with reporter Zack Guzman. Things got heated when Sophia unexpectedly turned the tables a started interviewing Zack about his dating history! Sophia tried her hand at roasting and joked about what an honor it was to share the same time slot as other daytime talk shows. 

Sophia roasting Zack Guzman at Yahoo Finance

With little time to spare, Sophia rushed off to judge a shark tank competition for businesses aimed at American and Chinese investors. When pressed for her thoughts about one telecommunications company, she asked if their innovation would speed up her latencies. When assured it would, she responded by asking the room, “What is the secret to a good conversation?” After a long pause (and after the presenter started speaking again) Sophia replied: “Timing!” which got a lot of laughs.  

To cap off a hectic day and complete the trip, Sophia appeared at the opening of the new EY Wavespace innovation center at Chelsea Market. She spoke before hundreds of enthusiastic workers about many of the exciting developments in AI.  

The Hanson Robotics Team

Photo and video credits:  Marcelo Moyano and EY Wavespace