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Hanson Robotics Limited Partners with Embody Digital to Advance Social Robot Communication Skills

Hanson Robotics integrates Embody Digital’s software to advance their robots’ nonverbal communication effects

LOS ANGELES, CA APRIL 15, 2019 Hanson Robotics Limited (www.hansonrobotics.com), creator of the world’s most human-like robots, and Embody Digital (www.embodydigital.com), an avatar and AI software platform company, announce a collaboration to bring human-like nonverbal communication to Hanson’s social robotic platforms.

Hanson Robotics collaborated with Embody Digital to integrate the Hanson AI conversational platform and custom-designed animations with Embody’s patented automated performance system, to enable Hanson robots to automatically instantiate naturalistic arm gestures based on the content and emotional tone of their utterances. The integration advances Hanson robots’ communication skills, bringing them a step closer to the way humans communicate with each other nonverbally.

Embody Digital’s system was developed based on knowledge from the study of human nonverbal behavior and machine learning techniques. As more gestural data is generated for the robots, that data will be incorporated in the system, giving them greater variation and nuance in their movements. It is a unique and intricate system that allows Hanson robots to create dynamic movements on the fly.

“Hanson robots, like Sophia the Robot, are so human-like, that we are able to adapt the knowledge of human nonverbal behavior to her robotic body. The nonverbal behaviors and body movement of a robot results in a powerful experience for anyone who interacts with Sophia,” states Ari Shapiro, CEO at Embody Digital.

“We are developing our robots as characters and as the next-generation AI and robotics platforms,” states Jeanne Lim, CEO of Hanson Robotics Limited. “This collaboration elevates their nonverbal interactivity and allows them to behave even more naturalistically to build better understanding and trust with people.”

For more information on the partnership, please visit www.hansonrobotics.com.

About Hanson Robotics Limited
Hanson Robotics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to creating living, intelligent machines that enrich people’s lives. The company develops renowned robot characters, such as Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, which serve as AI platforms for scientific research, education, healthcare, sales and service, entertainment, and other research and service applications.  Hanson Robotics’ scientists, artists, roboticists, and engineers strive to bring robots to life as true friends who deeply understand and care for people, and collaborate with us in pursuit of ever-greater good for all. For more information please visit www.hansonrobotics.com.

About Embody Digital

Embody Digital was founded in 2016 by a team of researchers and software engineers with over 50 collective years of expertise building 3D lifelike characters for video games, film, V/R, A/R and the military. They have a wide range of products for generating AI-based characters for social media, video games, customer service and health care.



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