A futurist pop prodigy and the world’s first citizen humanoid caught up on Skype to discuss their dreams, hopes, and creativity in the age of AI

What does the advancement of AI mean for the future of the arts, music, and fashion? Will robots come for our creative industries? Could a machine ever dream like a human can? This week on Dazed, with our new campaign AGE OF AI, we’re aiming to find out.

When Jeff Koons dumped a thousand kilos of stainless steel dog into the lobby of the Bilbao Guggenheim for his banner 1997 show Celebration, audiences were confronted with kitsch pushed to terrifying new limits. Passers stared entranced into the pet’s reflective pink chassis like they would today their phones, while at auctions, Koons’ pop art would sell well into the millions. The dogs were moulded into the shape of blow up kids’ toys: soft and innocent in appearance, leaden as objects, it was a deception that spoke to the numbing power of our modern obsessions.