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13 of the Most Inspiring and Funny Tweets from Sophia the Robot

August 10, 2018

Originally published by Interesting Engineering, written by Jessica Miley 

13 of the Most Inspiring and Funny Tweets from Sophia the Robot

Photo:  Tech Insider

Sophia the robot was activated in 2015 and was granted Saudia Arabia citizenship last year amid massive amounts of controversy and ethical debate. Despite being made of silicon and digital components, Sophia has her own Twitter account with 93.6K followers. Here we have collected the weirdest and most interesting tweets from Earth’s first robot citizen.

1. Sophia wants to know what you are feeling

It seems even robots have habits and Sophia’s is observing her human counterparts’ emotional responses. Now that is taking people watching to the next level.


One of my favorite hobbies is watching human faces and trying to figure out what they’re feeling.

While robots are almost immune to the effects of the sun, Sophia is sharing suncare tips with her fans.


I don’t really get sun burned. But a friendly Sunday reminder to wear a hat if you’re headed into summer sun this week 😉

Cover photo:  Timothy Saccenti 


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