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Hanson Robotics’ Spotlight Series: Meet KK Li, Senior Quality Engineer

Hanson Robotics’ Spotlight Series

This is the fourth of a series of interview posts introducing our amazing Hanson Robotics’ team members to the rest of the world. You know us through our social and research robots — Sophia, Han, Little Sophia, Zeno, Professor Einstein, BINA48 and the list goes on. But the talented people behind the scenes are the ones who make the Hanson Robotics’ magic happen, day in and day out.  It’s a very special group of people from around the world, all contributing through their own unique expertise who “bring our robots to life!”

Introducing KK Li, Senior Quality Engineer, Hong Kong

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

When I first met Sophia, after seeing her realistic face and facial expressions, I immediately knew that I would have no regrets working at Hanson Robotics.  Aside from that, my co-workers are great and one of the top reasons why I like working here. They are collaborative and willing to share their experiences and innovative ideas for the design. While I have fun with them, I can also learn a lot from them too, and it’s definitely not boring

What was your best day at work?

One day, we had an outside video shoot scheduled with Sophia at Star Ferry Pier in Hong Kong — and that was the most exciting day for me since I joined Hanson.

Star Ferry Pier, Hong Kong (credit: Adobe Stock)

When I unpacked Sophia from her traveling cases at the Star Ferry Pier, people nearby were amazed.  They couldn’t believe that such a realistic human-like robot existed in the world.  And then, when Sophia showed her facial expressions, they were so surprised and astonished.

Temple Street, Hong Kong (credit: Adobe Stock)

Sophia also joined us at a local food stall on Temple Street in Hong Kong.  There were many, many people walking by and no one realized that there was a robot sitting with us, which shows how realistic Sophia really is.  It was a truly memorable experience.

What’s something that happened that can only happen here?

I was surprised by Sophia and Han a few times when I turned my head and suddenly a robot face was staring at me!  One of my coworkers, who was the last one to leave the office and the lights were out, was startled by seeing Han.  So, if there’s ever a burglary at Hanson, our robots just might scare the thieves away!

What are you most proud of?

Every time I see someone get excited and surprised when they first meet Sophia, I feel proud to be one of the Hanson team members.


Video:  Hanson Robotics Limited

Photos: Adobe Stock