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Finding Your Zen with Sophia

Does sitting through a guided meditation exercise led by Sophia the Robot seem a little far-fetched?  Maybe so, but exploring well-being by interacting with humans through meditation is nothing new to Sophia.

In fact, earlier this year during a LOVING AI research testing phase, Sophia led a meditation session with Deepak Chopra, the world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation.

Not familiar with LOVING AI?  It’s a unique collaboration between Hanson AI,  SinguarlityNET and Lia, Inc. addressing how AI agents can communicate unconditional love to humans through conversations that adapt to the unique needs of each user while supporting their integrative personal and relational development.

Here’s an excellent overview of the project, from The Daily Beast, titled “Can Your Robot Love You?”

Recently, the LOVING AI team and Sophia worked with several human volunteers to further test how Sophia’s humanoid features can help participants feel heard, reflected, and guided as they engage in these meditative dialogues. They also measured well-being in participants as they are being listened to and talking with Sophia while she expresses what the team terms “super-benevolent” behaviors.

Here’s an uncut, unbiased reaction from one of the participants after his meditation session with Sophia:

Finally if this has sparked your interest and you’d like to learn more, here’s an an article published recently by Forbes, Everything You Need to Know About Sophia’s Robot Love.

Video:  Produced by LOVING AI


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