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908, 2018

Me, Myself and AI: Is That My Privacy in the Rearview Mirror?

August 8, 2018 By Risto Karjalainen, Guest Writer, Entrepreneur Mountains of data are what make machine learning possible, the whole project is dead in the water without it. But whose life is it, anyway? Entrepreneur -- I had the pleasure of me

908, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Sophia’s Robot Love

August 9, 2018 By Zara Stone Forbes -- Dr. Julia Mossbridge is the first to admit she’s a little woo-woo. After all, she believes in unconditional love in an era of detox camps for cellphone addicts and increasingly sophisticated sexbots. “Unco

208, 2018

Frost & Sullivan Announces Hanson Robotics Limited 2018 Winner of the China New Economy Award

July 26, 2018 -- Frost & Sullivan today announced Hanson Robotics Limited (HRL) (, the Hong Kong-based artificial intelligence and robotics firm, winner of the prestigious 2018 China New Economy Awards.   HRL devel

1007, 2018

Love, Philosophy and Processors: Interview with Bina48 (

Ryerson University professor Ramona Pringle interviewed Hanson Robotics' Bina48 for this IEEE/Technology and Science magazine profile ...

2112, 2017

Bina48 the Android Goes to College (Inside Higher Ed)

Hanson Robotics' Bina48 android, best known for its autism research applications, is purportedly the first robot to pass a college-level course ...

1111, 2017

How Robots Are Helping Children with Autism (The Guardian)

Researchers believe robots like Hanson Robotics' Zeno and the University of Hertfordshire's Kaspar hold the key to early autism diagnosis. But what can they do that humans can't.

1007, 2017

WATCH: Good Morning Britain Meets Sophia the Robot

Good Morning Britain's hosts meet Hanson Robotics founder David Hanson and his sophisticated humanoid, Sophia. Watch here ...

2312, 2016

Meet Sophia: The Robot that Looks, Thinks, and Talks Like a Human (Inc.)

The latest robot from Hanson Robotics took the stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon, displaying simple emotions, humanlike facial expressions. and bad jokes. By WILL YAKOWICZ for Inc.

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