Hanson Robotics Research

Realistic Humanlike Robots for Treatment of ASD, Social Training, and Research; Shown to Appeal to Youths with ASD, Cause Physiological Arousal, and Increase Humanto-Human Social Engagement

by Dr. David Hanson, Dr. Daniele Mazzei, Dr. Carolyn Garver, Arti Ahluwalia, Danilo De Rossi, Matt Stevenson, and Kellie Reynolds

The IbnSina Center: An Augmented Reality Theater with Intelligent Robotic and Virtual Characters

by Nikolaos Mavridis and Dr. David Hanson

The Coming Robot Revolution: Expectations and Fears About Emerging Intelligent, Humanlike Machines

by Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen and Dr. David Hanson

Humanizing Interfaces: An Integrative Analysis of the Aesthetics of Humanlike Robots

by Dr. David Hanson

Design of Android type Humanoid Robot Albert HUBO

by Jun-Ho Oh, Dr. David Hanson, Won-Sup Kim, Il Young Han, Jung-Yup Kim, Ill-Woo Park

Upending the Uncanny Valley

by David Hanson, Andrew Olney, Ismar A. Pereira, and Marge Zielke

Expanding the Aesthetic Possibilities for Humanoid Robots

by Dr. David Hanson

STTR Phase I: An Actuated Skin for Robotic Facial Expressions

by Dr. David Hanson and Shashank Priya

Piezoelectric Actuation and Sensing for Facial Robotics

by Yonas Tadesse, Shashank Priya, Harry Stephanou, Dan Popa, and David Hanson

Enhancement of EAP actuated facial expressions by designed chamber geometry in elastomers

by D. Hanson, R. Bergs, Y. Tadesse, V. White, and S. Priya

Progress toward EAP actuators for biomimetic social robots

by Dr. David Hanson

Robotics in the World of Entertainment

by Dr. David Hanson