Hanson Robotics


Say hello to the newest Hanson family member, Little Sophia. Like her big sister Sophia, she loves to talk and show her emotions in a full range of facial expressions. She can walk, learn, tell stories, play games, act as a smart assistant, teach coding, AI, robotics and all kinds of things. She will need your care and nurturing so she can reach her full potential.

Even though this Sophia is little, she’s actually a sophisticated AI and robotics research platform, for scientists (and you) to make robots smarter and help people even more, in a growing quest for AI for Good!

Little Sophia currently serves Hanson Robotics’ own AI research, but will soon be available to come into your home and AI labs around the world.  

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Little Sophia is currently used for research but will soon be available to come into your home. Keep updated on her development progress and availability.