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Exclusive: Hanson Robotics Names Jeanne Lim As CEO

Exclusive: Hanson Robotics Names Jeanne Lim As CEO

Originally published January 28, 2019 by Fortune

Jeanne Lim has spent her career at tech giants AppleCisco, and Dell. She took a detour into being a yoga instructor before landing in the robotics industry.

Now she’s CEO of Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, the company said on Monday.

Sixteen-year-old Hanson Robotics is known for Sophia, its human-like robot that makes the rounds on news segments and commercials. She’s spoken at conferences and is the world’s first robot citizen of a country (albeit as a PR stunt).

Though Sophia and other robots have become the face of Hanson Robotics, the company also has a big investment in artificial intelligence, especially as it aims to make Sophia truly feel human— something robots continue to fail at.

With her new job, Lim is among the few female CEOs in the robotics and A.I. industries. Lim spoke with Fortune exclusively about robot bank tellers, her company’s strategy, and the uncanny valley — the point at which a robot is close to true human form, but off by enough that it makes people feel unsettled.