Hanson Robotics

Hanson AI Team

Hanson Robotics regularly contributes to community projects, standards, API, and code. While it’s true that much of our best Hanson AI work remains proprietary and are trade secrets, Hanson Robotics also releases a substantial portion of our AI developments as free contributions to the world as open source and public domain releases.

The Hanson AI team has produced hundreds of AI and robotics papers published in AAAI, BICA, AGI, IEEE, as well as several books, patents, closed software, and open source software. Hanson AI and the team won the AAAI prize for open interaction, the World Technology Award, and the Edison award, and was a finalist in the CogX AI prize and IBM Watson AI Xprize.

Amit Pandey, Ph.D.
President and CTO 

Carolyn Ayers Ph.D.
Head Writer 

Wenwei Huang
Software Developer