Sophia the Robot is UNDP’s Innovation Champion for Asia-Pacific

In a bold and breakthrough announcement today, the UN Development Programme appointed its first-ever Innovation Champion and the first-ever non-human – Sophia the robot designed by Hanson Robotics.

2016 IDF Live

See the video here!

Could you fall in love with this robot?

Meet Sophia, Hanson Robotics' human-like robot that may embody the androids of our future. Read more:

Ni hao! Humanoid robot ‘Sophia’ speaks Chinese

See the video here!

Sophia interviewed by Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey Fowler and Joanna Stern interview Sophia, Hanson Robotics’s latest creation, and the chief scientist, Dr. Ben Goertzel, at the Converge tech conference in Hong Kong. Read here more about Sophia and her Wall Street Journal interview:

Charlie Rose interviews…a robot?

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Sophia tells 60 Minutes correspondent Charlie Rose. They’re mid-interview, and Rose reacts with surprise. “Waiting for me?” he asks. “Not really,” she responds. “But it makes a good pickup line.” Sophia managed to get a laugh out of Charlie Rose. Not bad for a robot. Read more here:   Take a [...]

Sophia and Ben Goertzel talk with Mike Butcher the Web Summit in Lisbon

Right now, artificially intelligent robots are part of the workforce, from hotel butlers to factory workers. But this is just the beginning. According to Ben Goertzel, AI researcher and entrepreneur who spoke at the Web Summit in Lisbon this week, intelligent robots in human-like forms will surpass human intelligence and help free the human race [...]

Sophia is interviewed by Elle!

See one teaser of incredible interview that Elle editor - Senior Reporter of fashion @ vivianwhiteman made with Sophia

Hanson Robotics shows Business Insider Westworld like robot

DAVOS, Switzerland — On display at a technology exposition just outside the gates of the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos was an alarmingly lifelike robot. Nicknamed "Sophia" by its creator David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, the robot was so realistic that it generated various visceral reactions from passersby ranging from awestruck to a little somewhat freaked [...]

Audi and Hanson Robotics

Future-Talk: CEO Rupert Stadler, robot developer David Hanson and science fiction researcher Alan N. Shapiro meet in an Audi future lab to discuss these controversial issues. A conversation about knowledge pills, algorithms, self-learning and self-driving cars as well as the ethics and simplicity of humans. Read more here: See more below [...]