Awards, Honors and Grants

2018 China New Economy Award

Edison Award for Innovation
Gold, Robotics Category, 2018

United Nations Development Programme 
Sophia: Innovation Champion 2017

IBM Watson AI X-Prize 
Hanson Robotics Loving AI, Finalist, 2017

Disney Accelerator 
Hanson Robotics: Class of 2016

StartMeUp HK Venture Award
First Place, IT Category: 2016

Software & Information Industry Association Grant
Hanson RoboKind: Robots4Autism, 2014

World Technology Network Award
First Place, IT Category: 2013

Software & Information Industry Association
Top Innovator
Hanson RoboKind, Robots4Autism, 2013

Hong Kong Innovation in Technology Fund (ITF) Award
Intelligent Character Consumer Robots: 2013

National Science Foundation SBIR Grant
David Hanson/Kino Coursey/Hanson Robokind: 2012

DARPA Robotics Challenge Grant Texas Medical Research Collaborative (TXMRC) Grant
David Hanson/Dan Popa, UTARI: 2012

Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) Award
Humanlike Articulate Robotic Headform to Replace Human Volunteers in Respirator Fit Testing

European INDIGO Consortium of Cognitive Robotics Grant

Tech Titans: Innovator of the Year
David Hanson, 2007

Texas State Emerging Technology Award
David Hanson: 2007-2011

Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Best Design Triennial
David Hanson: 2006

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
Open Interaction Award
First Place: Evolution Robotics Prize, 2005

World Technology Award
Semifinalist: Best IT Hardware, 2004