National Geographic magazines asks: “Robots are being created that can think, act, and relate to humans. Are we ready?”

National Geographic feature Bina 48, Philip K. Dick and Joey Chaos in the amazing photography collection on life-like robots.


“A partially assembled Joey Chaos is one of roboticist David Hanson’s “talking heads”—head-and-shoulders robots designed to push the boundaries of realism with both their physical traits and cognitive abilities. Hanson developed a biologically inspired skin material, “frubber,” that makes his robot heads appear uncannily lifelike. Cutting-edge speech programs give his creations the ability to converse.”


“Virtual body parts surround Amanda Hanson in her suburban Dallas garage, where her husband, roboticist David Hanson, creates verbal, hyperrealistic androids, including a likeness of Amanda herself. On the table, body parts of a singing robot, from a collaboration with musician David Byrne, surround the head of an android version of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.”


“Nick Mayer, of the LifeNaut project in Vermont, sits down for a chat with the robotic head Bina48. Hanson Robotics created the talkative humanoid in the image of Bina Rothblatt, the co-founder of LifeNaut, which is exploring robot-human fusion as a technological path to immortality.”

The slideshow can be seen in full here »