“A 4-foot, 3-inch, 66-pound baby sounds like something out of a horrific sci-fi movie. Particularly for someone like me, who is not a huge fan of babies.

However, this nightmare is now a reality.

The team at the University of California at San Diego’s Machine Perception Lab just posted a video (embedded below) of DIEGO-SAN, a rather disturbing looking robot that it designed to replicate a 1-year-old baby.

The Machine Perception Lab conducts development of systems that simulate natural human facial expressions. The team worked with Hanson Robotics to create the face and Japanese robotics company Kokoro to build the body. The result? A rather alarming creature with a face that looks like a cross between a russet potato and a spawn of Satan, and a body straight out The Terminator.

The National Science Foundation funded this project in an effort to advance research in cognitive artificial intelligence and human-robot interaction. Basically, the goal is to imbue robots with emotional capabilities, although Diego gives me the chills rather than the warm fuzzies. He has high-definition cameras in his eyes and can react to his environment like a real, human, non-terrifying baby would.”

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